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  • How to create animation

    01 October 2011 ( #Film Education )

    Animation gives a static image the illusion of movement. You can make animations at home. Film animations are created by cel, stop motion, or computer generated methods. 1. Make a flip book You can create your own animated image by drawing stick-men on...

  • How to Get a Job in Animation

    25 October 2011 ( #Film Education )

    Getting a job in the U.K. animation industry is difficult but not impossible. You need to know how to qualify, how to gain experience, and how to find your way in. This article explains the basics. Animation qualifications At university, study one of...

  • A guide to finding jobs in filmmaking

    02 October 2011 ( #Film Education )

    This article considers how to find jobs in the UK film and TV industry. Jobs in films in the UK are many and varied. There is a long tradition of film-making in the UK, with notable film studios and many film support craft studios as well. Education and...

  • Museums to visit on the Edinburgh Royal Mile

    27 October 2011 ( #Museums )

    Edinburgh Royal Mile is packed with museums and historic buildings, so the intending tourist needs to plan ahead to get the best experience. The route runs downhill from the castle, where the Edinburgh Tattoo takes place, to the Palace of Holyroodhouse,...

  • A guide to Rotorua, New Zealand

    12 November 2011 ( #Oceania & Pacific )

    Rotorua on North Island, Aotearoa New Zealand, is a tourist resort where Maori traditions are visible and ancient arts are taught. At the centre of a geothermal valley, Rotorua's main attractions are steaming geysers and mud pools around a lake within...

  • How to save money on a Sydney Harbour cruise

    09 November 2011 ( #Oceania & Pacific )

    To cruise Sydney Harbour is part of the tourist dream for a visit to Australia. Find out if you can save money on the Sydney Harbour cruise options available. Circular Quay Sydney Harbour sightseeing usually involves visiting Circular Quay and the historic...

  • Migrating to Australia? Here's how to get started

    11 November 2011 ( #Oceania & Pacific )

    Australia welcomes migrants from all parts of the world, and offers a diverse range of designations to encourage a continuing stream of applications. Working it all out can seem complicated, so here are a few hints and tips to get you started. Working...

  • How to reduce the cost of a New Zealand holiday

    24 June 2011 ( #Oceania & Pacific )

    This article suggests how the cost of a New Zealand holiday can be reduced by looking for special offers on travel or hotel costs, or by self drive or self catering options. Flying to New Zealand Travel off-peak season, April to August, for reduced costs....

  • Types of Sydney tour

    09 November 2011 ( #Oceania & Pacific )

    Australia trips usually include a visit to the New South Wales city of Sydney. Sydney is a large city, with its suburbs, it is the size of an English county, so many types of Sydney attractions are best visited via Sydney day tours. This article will...

  • Writers' Museum in Edinburgh's Lady Stair's Close

    28 October 2011 ( #Museums )

    From a stone, turretted, 1622 building off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, hangs the sign of a man with a quill pen seated at a desk. The Writers’ Museum in Lady Stair’s House is surrounded by a courtyard dedicated to writer's, ‘Makars’ Court’. The Writers’ Museum...

  • Picasso Museum in Malaga

    31 October 2011 ( #Museums )

    The Museo Picasso Málaga is in the restored sixteenth century Palacio de Beunavista. The Palacio houses three separate exhibitions (two entrance charges, or the option of an all-in-one ticket), the resident Picasso Collection, the Temporary Exhibition...

  • An Audience with Charles Dickens

    16 February 2012 ( #Books & Authors )

    Are you a fan of Charles Dickens? I never used to be. I own (and have read) the complete set of his work, was forced to read Hard Times and Bleak House for school exams, and as a PhD student encountered his female unfriendly views on whether women could...

  • Val's Book Reviews

    16 November 2011 ( #Books & Authors )

    I have written quite a few book reviews over the years, and some of them do appear online. Here's a sample: Bryan Talbot's award-winning graphic novel, The Tale of One Bad Rat , a therapeutic story about Beatrix Potter's influence on a child abuse survivor....

  • Catherine Fisher's Belin's Hill

    18 November 2011 ( #Books & Authors )

    Catherine Fisher’s work is set in Wales and the Welsh Border territories, and often features children whose lives are in crisis. Her genre is fantasy, however, and telling an exciting and intriguing story is her first objective. She uses a post-modern...

  • Film genre and audience creation

    23 November 2011 ( #Film Education )

    In teacher tra ining college in the 1960s I was trained by a team from Kodak to teach filmmaking in schools. Technology was very much celluloid and spools at that time, we edited tape by literally cutting and cementing the ends of the tape together. The...

  • Issue based fiction as therapy

    28 November 2011 ( #Education )

    Do we sufficiently recognise the power of teenage fiction and can - or should - academics, educators, writers and publishers become more conscious of their responsibilities in using the power of books and stories for the good of individuals and society?...

  • Christmas in Sydney, Australia

    19 December 2011 ( #Oceania & Pacific )

    At this time of year, the northern hemisphere is plunging into cold and darkness, and many people there are planning their holiday at the opposite end of the earth, where the weather is hotting up and heading for a Christmas midsummer. Sydney is the destination...

  • Emphyrio by Jack Vance

    15 January 2012 ( #Books & Authors )

    Jack Vance, one of the great science fiction writers, imbues his novel Emphyrio with incident, marvel, mystery, and complex narrative structure to make a satisfying read. I have to say, though, that this book is a challenging read, and lends itself to...

  • The Olympic Torch Cometh

    01 June 2012 ( #Other )

    To my amazement today, I found myself actually wanting to get up an hour early and work out a strategy to get into the town centre to film the Olympic Torch passing through. Large crowds were expected, I knew, including a reported 7,000 school children,...

  • Decoding Science from Ancient Jewellery to Neanderthals

    17 June 2012 ( #UNESCO World Heritage Sites )

    I started writing for the Decoded Science website in the last week of May 2012. This is not a general interest website like the others I write for, so I have to think things through quite carefully before I hit the 'publish' button! My role is as Anthropology...

  • Meet Animator and Author Curtis Jobling

    01 July 2012 ( #Film Education )

    Curtis Jobling demonstrates how to draw characters from a circle and an oval. Screengrab from Bob the Builder video. Animation students leaving college often struggle with how to integrate their need for personal expression with the necessity of earning...

  • Bryan Talbot's Graphic Novel: The Tale of One Bad Rat

    03 March 2013 ( #Books & Authors )

    This review first appeared at Suit101.com in October2009. The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot This graphic novel for young adults is used for therapy in child abuse centres across the world but its visual artistry makes it a storytelling classic....

  • What is a synopsis? Notes by Val Williamson

    10 December 2013 ( #Books & Authors )

    It is not an outline, a blow by blow, chapter by chapter account, a summary of the plot; it sells the idea of a book. It can give an indication that you are not just about fine writing in your first three chapters, but that you understand how to structure...

  • Edinburgh City of Printing and Publishing

    02 June 2013 ( #Books & Authors )

    Five hundred years of printing history in Scotland is encapsulated in Edinburgh's survival of the trials, successes and pitfalls of producing bestsellers. Only fifty years after Gutenberg printed his bible using moveable type, King James IV of Scotland...

  • Australia immigration: How to prepare for them

    08 June 2011 ( #Oceania & Pacific )

    All passengers arriving at Australian ports have to pass through immigration. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship applies Australia's complex visa regime. Bio security is supervised at each point of immigration by the Australian Quarantine and...

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