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The Armchair Muse is Dr Val Williamson. This is her blog, which she has had since October 2011 when her account with the now defunct Wikio Experts was transferred here.

Welcome to my Armchair Musings aka my blog. It is all about musings, views and vistas - taking in my thoughts, my opinions, and the photos I take on my travels. I like to go to old and interesting places, like Scotland, and new countries, like Australia, and write about the vistas I glimpse there. I visit museums to view the past, and write about narrative & audiences for movies. Some views and vistas I voice here take in History, Film and TV, Travel, Education, Heritage, Vikings, Archaeology, Scotland, Oceania & Pacific.

About this blog

This blog made the 490s of Overblog Top Blogs in English at the middle of October 2011, and position 346 of those Top Blogs for November 2011. After being blasted out of the top 1000 ratings by the Christmas shopping blogs, in April 2012 the Armchair Muse was back in the Overblog Top Blogs in English at 299 and it's blog rank on Overblog has recently been as high as 35. Even since the blog domain name change, we made 469 for May and 457 in June, 2012.


The blog lost its Google Page Rank of 2 because I decided not to continue with the over-blog premium option, on the grounds that it was impossible for me to earn enough from advertising to pay the cost. So, the blog URL has changed, and that meant I was back at square one. Happily, within a couple of weeks the blog's page rank climbed to 3 and in a month or two hit a PR of 4. 


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Be aware that all material on http://drval.over-blog.com is copyright protected by international law and you do not have permission to reproduce it's words or pictures in any medium. Plagiarism is theft and as such accrues legal consequences.

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  • : Welcome to the window of the Armchair Muse. It's an eclectic mix. Enjoy!
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