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This article considers how to find jobs in the UK film and TV industry. Jobs in films in the UK are many and varied. There is a long tradition of film-making in the UK, with notable film studios and many film support craft studios as well. 

Education and training

Although, trade skills may be learned through apprenticeships, most film-making professionals will have attended university to learn those skills informed by theory. During those training years, industry professionals will be visiting film schools and may provide useful contacts in the professional grapevine.  


Vancouver Film School Summer Intensives 2010

Vancouver Film School Summer Intensives

Workplace experience

Apprentices and trainees are training within the industry and will have a network of contacts to reach out to when the next job is needed. Undergraduate trainee film-makers will need to use internships and work placements to start to build these networks. These may lead to short-term employment which will be useful on the CV for job applications, especially in TV employment.

VFS Sound Design for Visual Media: Aquarium Recording

Sound Design for Visual Media

Jobs in TV and video production

Much film-making experience is gained within the television industry and with independent film-making companies devising new content which has been pitched to and commissioned for the main television channels. There are many small video production companies producing short films for advertisements and fillers for television which may offer short term or permanent jobs. These companies often showcase their talents on well designed websites where there may be a jobs section.

Vancouver Film School Summer Intensives 2010

Where to find jobs in the media industries

Media industry jobs are often advertised in newspapers such as the Guardian newspaper Media supplement, which has a very large number of relevant job advertisements. These may be seen at the Guardian online as well. Industry website job boards such as Grapevinejobs.com or Mandy.com or Creativeheads.net are the best places to search for new jobs in TV, animation and film. 


What is Skillset?

Skillset is a government initiative particularly aimed at securing training standards within education and other training institutions. They particularly aim to support the UK creative industries, which have a worldwide reputation and clientele. Skillset supports skills and training for people and businesses and has a dedicated section each for the film industry, the animation industry, and television and media industries.

1 Filming of 'en:Black Thursday (2011 film) | Black Thursday ' at Mors

Filming of Black Thursday (2011)

The Skillset Film website is a valuable resource for finding out about different careers in the film and television industries, and where to look for training and jobs. Each of the industry specific pages in film and television and animation has job descriptions and connections to industry jobs advertising boards (online). Read further about getting a job in animation.


 1 Filmmaking of 'Black Thursday' on ulica witojaska in Gdynia. People 

  Valerie Williamson

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