It is not an outline, a blow by blow, chapter by chapter account, a summary of the plot; it sells the idea of a book. It can give an indication that you are not just about fine writing in your first three chapters, but that you understand how to […]
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Five hundred years of printing history in Scotland is encapsulated in Edinburgh's survival of the trials, successes and pitfalls of producing bestsellers. Only fifty years after Gutenberg printed his bible using moveable type, King James IV of […]
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This review first appeared at in October2009. The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot This graphic novel for young adults is used for therapy in child abuse centres across the world but its visual artistry makes it a storytelling […]
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My own personal writing journey during the making of this movie on release London 13 December 2012. Hobbit Movie New Wellington Casting Call – Only Elves Need Apply With The Hobbit movies about to begin filming in Wellington, New Zealand, a […]
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Curtis Jobling demonstrates how to draw characters from a circle and an oval. Screengrab from Bob the Builder video. Animation students leaving college often struggle with how to integrate their need for personal expression with the necessity of […]
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I started writing for the Decoded Science website in the last week of May 2012. This is not a general interest website like the others I write for, so I have to think things through quite carefully before I hit the 'publish' button! My role is […]

To my amazement today, I found myself actually wanting to get up an hour early and work out a strategy to get into the town centre to film the Olympic Torch passing through. Large crowds were expected, I knew, including a reported 7,000 school […]
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Check out the advice he gives to University of the Arts graduates as they set out on their careers. "Make mistakes!" "Make good art!"
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I was assigned to cover the viral video reaction when the Black Widow superhero clip was launched on YouTube. What a fun article that was to write! Thousands of people commented on the YouTube site, and thousands have read my article. Take a […]
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Scott of the Antarctic remembered in London 29 March 2012 with Sir David Attenborough and relatives of the family that also included the explorer's son, the great conservationist Sir Peter Scott. He (Peter) used to visit our neghbours when I was […]
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